And the long summer begins…. (Originally posted Jun 25/09)

This morning was a bit of a joke. We had to all leap out of bed and grab breakfast as usual, but the two eldest weasels were only in school for an hour and a half. Tiniest Weasel has been ill the last couple of days, but since Mrs Dim has her second job interview with the Delta Police today, she had to get dressed and come out to school with me (Tiny Weasel, not Mrs Dim – she was already in the car and on her way to her date with Destiny…) So now it’s only quarter to twelve and the weasels are slumped around the house like dead bumblebees, bemoaning the lack of activities available to them (remember, we only get a Wii if Mrs Dim gets a job…) Eldest Weasel is relieved that I won my battle against the Wireless router so I can access the internet through my trusty laptop and she can play her online games on the big computer.

We seem to have a “week on, week off”, kind of plan in effect for the holidays, with the odd summer camp type activity, plans for trips up to Whistler, or down to the States. Plus we have the big summer attraction “The arrival of the Dog” in whatever form that may appear. We’re supposed to be lined up for a puppy from a Dachshund cross, to get a decently scruffy mongrel that’s not too big or too small, but it turned out this morning that the shelter never got our adoption papers and we may have missed out. That would be really sad. I’m not under any illusions about the amount of work a dog would generate, even though it’s been five years or so since we lost Sydney, the Prince of Dogness, but the Weasels were promised a dog as part of the “How great will Life be in Canada, Eh?” speech.

Truth is, I’m blogging today because I’ve opened the file on the job I’m supposed to be doing and I can’t get a grip on it. We’re scripting the Christmas animatronic display in the Milton Keynes Shopping Centre again this year, and we have to come up with some scripts for the Circus theme. In past years I’ve done variations on the “Night before Christmas” poem, or done an original rhyming story of my own. I think maybe this year I’m nervous about having to find a rhyme for “Circus”. Or that I’ll lower myself to writing lyrics for “Santa Claus is coming to clown”….*


*Footnote from the future: I didn’t. David did.

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