The day we’ve been waiting for (originally posted Jun 28/09)

I`ve been wondering when I’d get round to blogging, since things have been a little busy. The answer seems to be at 2am!

On Friday (Today is Sunday, very early morning) Mrs Dim went off to her final interview with the latest job possibility. Two hours later she was phoning to say she’d be picking up a Wii on the way home – she’d got the job!

This was a job she hadn’t even dared hope she’d get – it’ll be tough, long hours and hard work, but a large salary and something she can really get her teeth into. Now we’ve gone from wondering how we’ll get through the next few months, to wondering where we should buy our second car (so she can commute to work, not because we’re feeling flash!)

Anyway, as well as her interview, we also had another appointment on Friday – going out to look at some puppies. There was a chance we might take one of them in a couple of weeks time. Except we came home with one that day, stopping off on the way to collect dog bed, food bag, brush, leads, bowls etc etc. Since I got outvoted (4 to 1) on which of the eight puppies we should choose, I got to choose the name: Moose. Well actually, that’s not true. I just told everyone the dog was called Moose and refused to give way, despite shouting, begging and tantrums. I can be tough when it’s something really important.

Of course, poor old Moose had never spent a night alone, so Mrs Dim and I took it in turns to comfort her as she sat in her new bed. She was pretty good, sleeping on and off, only crying once or twice an hour. But tonight is the second night, and Saturday was a crowded day too, with few chances for naps to catch up on a lost night. I’ve volunteered to duck out of the Church BBQ tomorrow to watch Moose (who can’t leave the house for a while) and get some work done: I spent a wonderful hour in the middle of Friday having an internet conference with my writing partners back in the UK, which moved some of our outstanding projects along a bit, and made me feel I was part of a team again. At this rate though, I shall definitely sneak in a power nap.

So, we have the job, the income, and possibly the medical benefits. We have the Wii, and the dog. We’ve reconstructed all the parts of our UK life that we were missing with the benefit of being in Canada. We’ve done the traditional Summer Holidays Wishes poster, where we put down a huge sheet of paper and everyone gets to write anything they want to do during the holidays. It can be as wild or daft as you like, and just putting it on the paper doesn’t mean it’ll get done, but it does mean we’ll think about it. I tend to aim low – a cinema trip, a BBQ, going bowling…Mrs Dim wants a trip to the Dinosaur Badlands at Drumheller and the Weasels have wished for various things, including a trip to the Mall, the play park and flying to Cuba…Not sure where that last one came from.

That’s it, I’m heading back off to bed. Moose can go back to bed too – she’s snoozing at my feet now, content she’s got me out of bed. I’ll put up a photo of her soon, I expect. Sentimental twaddle.

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