Contradiction : a situation in which inherent factors, actions, or propositions are inconsistent

It’s the end of February, but feels more like a time of contradictions. Eldest Weasel is visiting the local High School for taster days, but at the same time she’s more involved in her elementary school than ever before, with choir, band, speeches, decorating committees. The Tinier Weasels received excellent reports recently, but both still need help staying focussed on tasks, both at home and school. Mrs Dim is happier than ever with her job, but the cold morning starts are tough, and the glimpses of sunshine through her office window only serve to remind her there’s loads of plans for the garden she hasn’t got to grips with. I’m glad that my day job hours have been cut back, though annoyed that brings in less money. Then again, with more time at home, why don’t I have more writing to show for it? And if I’m spending writing time doing domestic tasks, why isn’t the house spotless and the children geniusses..genii..cleverer?

The weather isn’t helping. The sun is beautiful, a very welcome sight after the combination of rain and snow that seem to have been taking turns since August ended, but it’s COLD out there! So cold that yesterday I wore a hat that makes me look stupid, but it’s warm and I didn’t care.

The contradictions are seeping into my writing time too. I spent yesterday swinging wildly between projects – I lost an hour searching for a file I know I had started, but it wasn’t anywhere it should have been. It wasn’t a lot of work, only five pages or so, but the thought of starting over was too depressing. In a fit of madness I researched a completely different career, and then sent a spur of the moment pitch to a new magazine. Maybe it’s not the Tiny Weasels that need some lessons on focussing.

Today’s “To Do” list is manageable, and best of all, it includes some things that are just fun. With the weasels on a Pro-D day (Teacher training, for you UK types) we can take the Dog off on a decent walk, one that ends at a cafe with Hot Chocolate and Muffins. It’s Tidy Friday, the new Trasler Tradition that says everyone piles into housework on Friday afternoon before tea. We all have our allotted jobs and two hours to get it all done, preventing the place looking like a pigsty for the weekend. In the spirit of renewal and cleansing, I have three more items to post on Craigslist – the last few things went in a matter of hours.

We booked our tickets for the return visit to the UK last night. It’s funny, how hard it’s been to press that final button – waiting for the price to drop, or the dates to mesh better, or…well, for some kind of sign, I guess. We all want to see our friends and family, we know the trip will be epic and fun, but both Mrs Dim and I have our reservations about going (The Weasels are hyped about the flight, then seeing friends and going to the beach at Bournemouth. Oh, and we’ve promised Eldest Weasel we’ll take in the Dr Who Experience.) I’m worried about jet lag, driving, volcanoes, getting to see everyone, accidents, terrorism, rogue hedgehogs…pretty much everything. But we’re going. It’s part of the adventure.

One response to “Contradiction : a situation in which inherent factors, actions, or propositions are inconsistent

  1. we havent had any rogue hedgehogs here in the UK for a while!!

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