My fellow students:

Nothing to do with the post, but it's St Patrick's Day!

Just taking a quick moment to acknowledge my fellow students on the Write it Forward course run by Kristen Lamb. They’re a great bunch, filling my in-box with interesting and thought-provoking questions and making me think FAR TOO HARD about where I’m going with my own author platform. The best revenge I could think of was posting their blog addresses here to let you all see why I’m in awe of these people! (And, my fellow students, if I’ve missed your blog off the roll, send me a rocket by email or comment, and I’ll apologise profusely and and add you in! It’s still early over here in Vancouver, you know…)

Amy Shojai:

The Survival Mama:

Brave Blue Words:

Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines:

 Pamela Mason:

Please bear in mind, we’re all learning and changing, so if any of these links break down, please let me know and I’ll sort it out! These blogs are worth a look, in fact they’re worth a read, so pour yourself a healthy mugful of your favourite beverage, put on some cool music and settle back*.

I’ll be back to post on my job success (or otherwise) tomorrow.

*Bearing in mind my last post, I would also recommend adjusting your seat to ensure a decent posture.

13 responses to “My fellow students:

  1. Hi, Damian – so nice of you to share everyone’s blog sites. When I’m up and running, I’ll return the favor.

  2. Thanks Tiffany – and I’ll add yours in retrospectively, or do an update post , as I suspect there’ll be some notable changes once we’re all done following Kristen’s advice. I, for example, may eventually have to come out from under this rock….

  3. What a thoughtful idea. I’ll definitely have to check out all the blogs after work today! Good luck everyone as you make bold, drastic, new changes with your blogs!

  4. Thanks so much for the shout-out! I’m enjoying Kristen’s workshop and reading all the blogs and more.

  5. Thank you! And thanks for the ergonomic reminder – I have a terrible habit of sitting sideways at my desk or curling my feet under my chair. Time to get comfortable and check out all your words f wisdom!

  6. Thanks for visiting and commenting. And for the shout out!
    It took me awhile to press ‘submit’ this morning, but I’m glad I did. Very kind of you to link these here.

  7. Wow, look at the whole gang up here! I don’t have the personal site up but you can still find my blogs at I’ll give a shout out to the other #authorbrand peeps when the new site is up. In the meantime, I’ll check out all of YOUR blogs. 🙂

  8. Thank you for the kind words. Even though I am more of a lurker, too afraid of sounding stupid. I am definately enjoying this group. Lots of wonderful and talented people..

    Thanks for being such a nice person.

    • Shellie,

      I think your blog proves you’ve got plenty worth saying, and the beauty of commenting is that you have the same time to edit and rethink as you do with anything else you write. As long as you’re not commenting (like I am now!) when you’re rushing to do something else (or you’re supposed to be minding the children), you have the chance to write, read, review, think and then hit the button if you feel it’s really what you want to say. I’ve been amazed by the responses I got when I began commenting on blogs I’d enjoyed reading. People follow your profile back to your blog and usually drop a comment or two. I’ve made many blogfriends that way. Ooh, invented a new word too!

  9. Love the new word… we need to tweet it all over the place. Instead of “Be my Valentine” its “Be my blogfriend”! Too cool!

  10. And thank you for the wonderful compliments. I have a hard time accepting them, but I am learning. Thank you again.

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  12. I guess you will want to add a twitter icon to your website. I just bookmarked the blog, however I had to make it manually. Simply my $.02 🙂

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