The Devil Colony Party

If it's a costume party, I'm in!

Woody Allen once said “I don’t advertise. I don’t pander. Because it’s illegal, and immoral to advertise a product that you don’t actually use.” Yeah, but this isn’t advertising, folks, this is a PARTY! Let me explain….

Tiniest Weasel joins the party

Tuesday the 21st June sees the release of ‘The Devil Colony” by James Rollins. Up until very recently I wasn’t familiar with his books, but then I took the excellent online course on boosting your author profile by Kristen Lamb. She’s Jim’s Number One Fan and between them they came up with a revolutionary concept. Instead of those stuffy publishing parties that only the very very elite get invited to when a book launches, why not have a worldwide ONLINE party for EVERYBODY?


Yes, it sounds like one of those wacky and insane ideas that won’t catch on, like three-quarter length trousers, and pre-teen singing stars, but stay with it. Kristen posted on her blog , inviting one and all to attend the party (in dress up or not) through the media of FaceBook and Twitter. No one is excluded!

Even my nephew wants to party!

So, here it is: Your chance to be part of a book launch party for an internationally published and successful author. Upload your party pictures with a #devilcolony tag or head over to Jim’s Facebook fan page . The best pictures will be selected for a wall of fame. There’s even a rumour of *gulp* A MYSTERY PRIZE!

If you’re wondering why you should do this, then shame on you! This is what social media is for – word of mouth recommendations for things you would otherwise have missed completely. Unlike a lot of the characters in the Sigma Force books, you don’t have a gun to your head, but you do have an open invitation to chat with people from all around the world, including James Rollins himself. When did you last have that opportunity?

Check out his books, either through Amazon or your local library, then rush out and reserve a copy of “The Devil Colony”, available TUESDAY 21st June.

If this isn’t very clear, check out Kristen’s original post… Or the excellent one by Educlation… or Jenny Hansen’s take on it….or the awesome Ironic Mom… And if  you haven’t got the idea yet, why not go to http://www.tlc-creative and download my book on writing a play for community theatre, because you’re obviously going to be at a loose end on Tuesday while EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD WILL BE AT THIS PARTY…………….

12 responses to “The Devil Colony Party

  1. I was familiar with his books — I work in a library, but had never read one. Since this party hoopla, I decided to check him out. Picked up Altar of Eden…and now I understand.

  2. I have a library trip planned for this afternoon. I hate hearing bad news about cuts for local libraries, whatever the country – they are such a valuable resource!

  3. See ya at the party, Damian.

  4. LOL. Love it! A whole blog of photos for Devil Colony. You’re really making us up our games aren’t you?

  5. As usual, Damian, you’ve added your own brilliant spin!! Looking forward to seeing you at the party!!


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  8. Some cute little devils you have there!

  9. I was at the party…did you see me? Probably not. A lot of people were there. I was sort of hanging out in the background…next to the punch bowl. I bought the book and my little devils got in a devilish Nerf sword fight at the store. It was killer. So far I’m loving the book. Can’t believe I haven’t read Rollins before now. Where have I been?

  10. And when Kristen says something, her followers go in droves. Not as big as Oprah (yet) but she’s getting there. Enjoyed the party. 🙂

  11. It was a great party, wasn’t it? I didn’t catch you, Annie, but then I could only dash in and dash out between school runs. I didn’t even get to the kitchen and everybody knows that’s where the REAL party happens. I did get a cupcake though.

  12. I went on vacation and I’m behind on my blogs…but I still wanted to leave a comment on this one – I LOVE your pictures! I hope you won a prize? This was fabOoolou, D!

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