New From Lazy Bee Scripts in Feb 2016

February has been a bumper month for publications by Lazy Bee – at least, publication of sketches and plays that I’ve had a hand in. I’ll be publishing the regular Lazy Bee Newsletter later this month, but first I wanted to highlight the new sketches and plays available from TLC Creative. (Click on a title to read the script!)

The Land Army

During a routine inspection of a squad of Land Army girls, the visiting officer has some suspicions that all is not what it seems…

Behavioural Problems

Returning from his suspension from school, Thompson is keen to show his Headmaster just how much he has improved.


A rather unconventional super hero vigilante stops a mugger.

The Greatest Invention in History

A scientist about to reveal his world-changing invention has a number of unexpected interrupting visitors.


Two medieval peasants try out a new, quick, cheap form of transport.

The Source of Denial

Struggling to write a ‘proper’ play after years of comedies, a writer uses his favourite character to explore faith, proof and truth, only to end up learning more about himself than he expected.


All these scripts are available to read or purchase NOW from Lazy Bee Scripts!

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