How Learning to Juggle can make you a more successful novellist.

Underarm gif.gif

  1. It can’t. Sorry.
  2. No, really. It’s a huge waste of your time and effort.

2 finger catch.gif

3. Fine, look, it’s just an analogy. Juggling looks very difficult, but it can be learned progressively IF you are willing to put in the time and practice.

4. Some people take to it quickly, and others will find the basics a slog, but once you pass a certain level, then it’s no longer about innate talent, but your willingness to keep working and improving.

3 ball cascade.gif

5. Some people will crack a simple 3-ball cascade (above) and be happy. Others will go on beyond a 4-ball Mills’ Mess, and some will wonder how long it would take to break a few world records. People are different, and so are their goals. Don’t compare yourself to other jugglers unless you’re sure you share the same goal.

mills mess

So there you have it: Juggling might make a handy analogy, but it won’t make you a more successful novellist. It WILL make you more attractive to women.*


Production line.gif

*This is completely untrue. Sorry.

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