Waiting for Twist Stiffly – RPI Players

I was delighted to get a Tweet from the RPI Players this week, telling me they had completed their run of “Waiting for Twist Stiffly” and enjoyed the play very much. They had the very talented Demetrius Green ( on hand to take some awesome photos of the performance:




Jeff Morton                                    Barnabé Bouchenoir

Jenny Bartley/Voice over          Calliana Faulk

Kate Vesper                                   Fiona Smith

Ralph Grummond                        Jacob Schatz

Ziggy Vermont                              Matt Fields

 “Waiting for Twist Stiffly” requires the cast to play actors playing roles in a serial movie, so in the cast list above, Barnabé Bouchenoir is playing Jeff Morton who plays Zip Fassner, Fiona Smith is playing Kate Vesper who plays Ruby Lipgloss and Jacob Schatz is playing Ralph Grummond who plays the evil Zenit Emoga.

The play was directed by Micaila Dean

You can read the full text of the script here

It’s rare that a production captures the look of a play so completely. When I wrote the script, I optimistically included the set description as follows : “The stage is set as the evil control centre of Zenit Emoga. 1950’s space adventure style. Lots of brushed steel effects, curves and complicated dials and controls.” The RPI Players got the look of the play spot on. Their costumes were inspired and just as perfect. My congratulations and thanks go to all the cast and crew.










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