10 reasons why I’m not a REAL writer



  1. I don’t write every day
  2. I don’t have “protected” writing time.
  3. Household tasks often get prioritized over writing.
  4. I don’t like literary fiction. I keep trying it, and I still find it pretentious.
  5. If asked, I’m more likely to say I work part-time in the library than I am to say “I’m a writer”.
  6. It’s unlikely you’ve read, bought or even seen anything I’ve written.
  7. I don’t write consistently within a single genre.
  8. I don’t have an agent or an editor.
  9. I don’t have elevator pitches for any of my work. Even the one I’m writing now.
  10. I struggle to publicise my own work without being self-deprecating or self-sabotaging.

2 responses to “10 reasons why I’m not a REAL writer

  1. I could have written that list. You write therefore you are.

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