“More Cosplay Disasters” being launched soon!


It’s been a quiet start to the year, with no new plays to announce, and while there are performances of many TLC scripts ongoing around the world, there haven’t been any local to me, or any that supplied pictures for me to publish.

However, this week sees the completion of my new e-book, the sequel to the extraordinarily successful* “My Cosplay Disasters”. This new book, brilliantly titled “More Cosplay Disasters”, will take unlucky readers through the process of construction used for the latest four helmets I built. As always, it skates merrily by the reason for building helmets at all, because who has time for psychological analysis?

Anyway, the e-book will hit Amazon stores in your region around the 1st of March, for the very reasonable price of $2.99 Canadian. If you don’t want a copy (which is understandable) then it makes a great gift, particularly for people you don’t like, or who have expressed a desire to make cheap cosplay helmets.

Line left intentionally blank for later insertion of promotional blurb by famous author.

If you don’t fancy the idea of this book, check out my Amazon page for my other boks, which are worse.


*Sold more than one copy.

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