The other day, wondering if I would ever write again, I decided to write a short story on Twitter. It was not easy. Worst of all, to read it on Twitter, you have to find where the story starts and read it backwards, 140 characters or so at a time.

To save you the trouble, I’ve patched the whole thing together in the right order here.

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory The street was dark, the car headlights a brief flash reflecting from the rain on the road. I had a good view of them…

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory …because I was face-down in the gutter. Getting up was high on my list of things to do, but right now it was below “bleeding”.

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory They say that when you’re dying, your whole life flashes before your eyes. I was hoping that was true, because I was….

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory …having trouble reconstructing the last few minutes. Still, the voice in my head that usually said “You want another beer”..

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory ..was now saying “How about that? She shot you!” in tones of surprise and admiration. Even face down and bleeding, I thought..

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory ..I’d rather have the beer. Bloodloss was bad, but it didn’t seem to be killing me. I gathered enough strength to push…

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #tweetstory ..to my knees and looked muzzily around. I saw the light. It was a sign. The sign said “Pete’s bar.” I’m not someone who argues…

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory …with Fate, so I dragged myself to the door and slumped through. You know those bars where the guy walks in and everyone…

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory …stops talking and the piano player takes a hike? This was not a bar like that. Bleeding and wet and smelling like a gutter…

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory …I shambled to the bar and there wasn’t a hesitation in the ambient noise, not a hiccup in the soundtrack. Might make a guy..

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory ..feel insignificant, if it weren’t for the burning pain in his shoulder and the powerful need for alcohol in his chest.

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory The bar had a fancy mirror with lights around it as the backing, and I squinted at the silhouette serving drinks. My brain was..

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory …not yet at full charge. “Pete?” I hazarded. “Better gimme a double.” The bartender leaned forward, her blonde hair …

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory …falling in a sheet that was suddenly painfully familiar. Even more familiar was the snub nose of the .38 she was pointing.

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory “Dan” she purred, in a voice that lit up my loins and the panic centre of my brain, “I believe I already cut you off tonight.”

Damian Trasler @Dtraslerwriting May 21 #Tweetstory I was already falling backwards when the gun went off. I don’t know if I hit the floor. The end.

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