Project 150 February round up

I didn’t want to do two Project 150 blog entries in a row, but the book review post I was going to do has slipped because I’m enjoying the book so much. Maybe next week?

So, a long time ago, when I was looking at other blogs regularly to try and boost my readership (and therefore my sales), I found a playwright’s blog that essentially began :

“Welcome, friends! I am starting out on a project to write an epic play based on Greek Mythology. I have decided to chronicle my journey here on this blog, and I invite you to come along with me, as I research, and write my new play!”

That was the only entry. It was a year old when I found it. And I had sympathy for the author, because starting is easy. One of the main reasons I picked 150 words as the daily target is because it isn’t intimidating.

And yet.

I don’t write every day. Not even my 150 words. February has been a good month for paid work (YAY!), but if someone’s paying me up front, that means I do that work ahead of anything else.

Despite this, I have managed a few episodes of writing on the 150 project, and since 150 words isn’t much, in those sessions I have managed to keep ahead of the word count I would have reached if I’d stuck to my goals. Does that make sense? Well, here’s the numbers.

Right now, the project stands at 13,433 words, which is very nearly where I should be at the end of March. I still have a month in hand, so to speak. I have to work harder on outlining, because for a while I was just having fun amusing myself while the plot dribbled away to nothing, but that’s something I can handle.

So, hello March! I’m not afraid of you, because I have gotten ahead of myself.

2 responses to “Project 150 February round up

  1. Glynnis Brassil

    You are an inspiration for me to keep depositing some words into my memoirs. It doesn’t happen daily either. Life gets in the way.
    But as you said, the elephant gets eaten one toenail at a time – right?
    Keep blogging! It is always welcome especially during these times.
    Kind regards,


    • Thanks Glynnis! I think blogging is now considered “vintage” in the age of the podcast, but I’ll keep plugging away… And you’re right, one bite at a time is the way to eat the elephant!

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