It’s February?

No one was seriously expecting the world to go back to “normal” on Jan 1st 2022, but I have to admit, I’m a little rattled to arrive in February with everything almost as crappy as it was last year. FanExpo Vancouver is coming up fast, and while I would love to go and show off Derek the Dalek one more time, I don’t feel safe AT ALL with the idea of pushing through crowds of folks. Besides, Derek still needs a lot of work, and I don’t have time.

Which is another weird thing, because I have NOT written a ton of plays in this last month. Sure, I’ve added a couple of scenes to the latest TLC project, and I have an outline of the first act of a new play, but I haven’t actually completed anything. And I haven’t finished any cosplay projects, or DIY either. Yes, I taught my God-daughter to snowboard, but that didn’t take a whole month…

We have bold plans afoot, trying to cash in on the value of our house (alright, the land it’s on, not the house) to give the weasels a head-start on the property ladder and replace the aging, polluting cars we pootle about in. We’re saying farewell to our lovely fireplace, because wood-burning fires are going to be outlawed in a couple of years, so we should make the jump now before electric fireplaces become, aha, HOT property.

Anyway, February is here, and I’d better get used to it. And maybe spend my lunchtimes writing pays instead of blog posts?

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