Blue Monday is through.

There are many great things about my job, but the craziest is that it means I love Mondays. Every other Monday is a day off, because I have a four-day work week. The Mondays when I’m at work are the one day of the week we don’t go out and do deliveries.

Don’t get me wrong, I like doing deliveries – it’s a great part of the job. But on a gray Monday in January, after hiking through the rain to the Skytrain, then on into the office, it’s nice to settle down at a desk, knowing you don’t have to leave again until the day is done. There’s always something to be done, and today I got to wrap up a whole bunch of tasks that have been nearly complete for a while. It was a day for sorting things out, for answering the phone, for crossing things off the to-do list.

I understand why this is often a hard time of the year – ordinarily people are coming down from the holidays, facing the financial realities of the New Year, and a long wait until the weather picks up, or the next break arrives. So I guess I should be grateful that our holidays were sub-optimal…The only way is up!

Wherever you are on your emotional calendar, I hope the sun is starting to show through the mist.


3 responses to “Blue Monday is through.

  1. Is that your cat? One, it’s beautiful and two, I’m jealous about the leash. My cat is an inside cat – I tried doing outside with a harness and leash but she turns into a bag of flour when it’s one.

    I like Mondays.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Yes, that’s Greebo, our newest cat. When he arrived, we decided that both our cats ought to be indoor cats – we have a catio for them, but the presence of coyotes and raccoons nearby means they’re at risk just roaming. Greebo comes on walks with the dogs, and we started him on that as soon as he arrived. He doesn’t walk to heel much, and spends most of the walk on my shoulders, but he appreciates the outside time!

      • Just wonderful. I thought about one of those strange cat-backpacks that look like they’ve built in an astronaut helmet, but decided she’d claw through my back to escape.

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