A Time for Farewells – Hong Kong Productions

I was originally contacted by Allan Leung, who wanted to enter “A Time for Farewells” in a competition for foreign plays in Hong Kong. We had some interesting correspondence, as he had to translate some English slang into Mandarin, and some took a bit of explaining. The play was a great success, and in 2011 Phyllis Mann is directing a new production, having starred in Allan’s show. For more information, visit: www.theatredojo.com

To read the whole script for FREE online, go HERE

2 responses to “A Time for Farewells – Hong Kong Productions

  1. This is AWESOME that your play is going so many places! I’ll tell you slang is a particular fascination of mine – it’s so interesting to me how it varies from country to country and language to language.

    When I was in London, riding with a driver back to the airport (it was a work trip), he made a comment and I responded, “Oooh, bummer!”

    He looked like I’d made him swallow something foul and, since I’d been there a week, I clued in to what it was. I said, “I don’t think ‘bummer’ means to me what it means to you. What does it mean to you?”

    “A ‘bummer’ is a pervert!” He looked quite miffed.

    I explained what it means in the States and he calmed down but it was quite a learning experience about American slang.

  2. Thanks Jenny. Yes, it’s always good to see different productions in far-flung places, but it would also be nice to have one on my doorstep so I could go and see it! Soon I’ll be uploading a gallery of Time for Farewells pictures from a group in Germany. There are lots of productions each year, but only a few get in touch to let me know they’ve posted pictures. If anyone out there has more photos from other productions, drop me a line! damiantrasler@yahoo.com

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