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This page contains links to the actual scripts I have written, available to read through Lazy Bee Scripts, my publisher. You can read the whole script, but to perform the piece, even for a non-paying audience or classroom project, you need to go through Lazy Bee and arrange a performance licence. This isn’t complicated or expensive, unlike legal action, so I urge you to do it.

One Act Plays

The CosPlay : A group of Co-workers end up combining working together on a presentation with attending a comics convention

Digging Up Edwin Plant : A sequel to “The Kitchen Skirmishes” (see below), this play finds Bernard researching an old school bully and Lucy trying to talk him out of it. Be warned, this play contains poetry.

Don’t Mention the Dream : It’s the annual meeting of the Drama Society, but they’re a bit thin on the ground this year. Will Russell get his way and produce a period ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ or will Lucy put a spanner in the works?

Fight for the Future : Short science-fiction play about time travel. Bare stage and just one prop – a piece of paper. That’s all. Thousands of years of technological innovation leading to just one piece of paper. (Give or take the time capsule.)

For Sale – Baby Shoes – Never Worn : The story goes that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a novel in six words. His response was ‘For sale – baby shoes, never worn.’ I took each part of that phrase as the starting point of a short play – three stories in the life of a young couple, not necessarily going in the direction you might expect.

The Friday Night Radio Play : It’s an exciting night for the Branston family. The premier of aspiring writer Geoff’s radio play is about to be broadcast and the family is gathered to listen. But just as it is about to start, the fuses blow. To ensure that Grandma is not disappointed, the show must go on…

The Golf War Widows : Three women meet behind the scenes at a corporate Golf Tournament. Theresa is a wife who has built her own business in response to her husband’s obsession with work and her own fading looks. Dotty has brought up a family despite the disinterest of her husband and Rachel… became a crime-fighter.

The Kitchen Skirmishes : When Lucy and Bernard have their first child, they decide that Bernard will stay home and be the househusband while Lucy continues working. Bernard thinks it will be a walk in the park… he has a surprise in store…

Love in a Time of Zombies : Sometime in the near future. As flesh eating zombies terrorise the world, Brian and Susan attempt to maintain a normal life…

Outside the Audition : Bill and Jeff are waiting for their audition slot and help each other out by rehearsing their lines together. Unfortunately, they can’t agree on what makes a good piece of drama.

The Red Balloon : A couple interrupt the premier of a piece of Modern Theatre and claim it’s all rubbish. The performer challenges them to produce something better, and the three begin to work on the piece together. What will they come up with by the end of the evening?

Taking Minutes, Wasting Hours : It’s committee night and the Chairman has been asked to introduce a surprise speaker. Little does he know what a surprise she’ll be!

A Time for Farewells : As they dress for a social event that will mark the end of their married life together, Sarah and Alex review their relationship to find out what brought them to this point.

Waiting for Twist Stiffly : Filming of the 1950s adventure serial ‘Twist Stiffly – Space adventurer’ is being held up because the leading man is nowhere to be found. While the remaining cast members lounge around waiting for him to turn up, they discuss their roles in the drama and their dissatisfactions with the main man. Then they come up with a great way to fill their time until he arrives…

Work in Progress : An author struggles to complete a book, contending with his publishing deadline and a group of characters determined to assert their identity.

Full Length Plays

Merely Players : Starting with a bare stage, under the guise of tidying the theatre’s store of props and costumes, the characters accidentally build the set of a drawing-room murder mystery, and Phyllis’s daydream of being the Lady of the Manor suddenly comes to life as a period drama, until the spell is broken, leaving Phyllis with new insights into her life.

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  1. Hello Mr. Trasler –

    I am a middle school drama teacher interested in producing one of your plays. Before I purchase rights through Lazybee, would it be possible to check in with you directly about a question?

    Thank you,

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