Script Appraisal Service

After nearly a decade of publication by Lazy Bee Scripts, I began working as a Script Reader for the company, assessing and reviewing scripts prior to publication. In coordination with Lazy Bee Scripts, I now offer this appraisal service to any writer who wishes to submit their script. The cost is based on a “per word plus basic cost” basis, and you can see the final cost before you commit to the service. The process is entirely through the internet, allowing writers to upload their scripts to the service at any time and from any part of the world.

If you submit your script for appraisal, you’ll receive a two-page report on your script, assessing it for suitability for the stated audience and for performance, analysis of character and plot, comments on the presentability of the text, as well as any miscellaneous notes on the piece. Your uploaded script will be returned, marked up with any typos or grammatical/punctuational errors.

For further information, or to submit your script for appraisal, visit:

Responses from previous customers:

I was very impressed with the speedy response from the reviewer. He had clearly given the script a close reading, and made some insightful comments – even though the turnaround time was under 24 hours!

“Thank you very much for your very detailed and largely very positive appraisal. Thank you also for doing this so quickly.”

I used your script appraisal service for the first time. Not only was it quick but it was, I thought, a very thorough and good review. When I say good, I don’t mean that it found no fault, but the comments drew attention to issues that needed to be thought about.

I will certainly use this service again, and recommend other scriptwriters to do so.

Just a note to thank you for the appraisal service – I was impressed with the ’rounded’ report and meticulous proof-reading

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