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The August Sale!


sale picture

It’s August. The month that includes my birthday. If things were otherwise, this might be a significant year, like turning 40 or 42. Sadly, it’s just boring old 41 so I’ve decided to spice things up by reducing prices on my most popular e-books for THE WHOLE MONTH OF AUGUST! I was going to reduce them by 41% which would have been both clever and significant, but it was too much math. Instead I took the short story collections down to 99 Cents and the non-fiction smash success “The Great Canadian Adventure” from $6.99 down to $2.99. (All other prices are calculated from those base prices.)

But don’t just take my word for it – check out the links below to go straight to your nearest Amazon Website and see for yourself!

The Great Canadian Adventure: Amazon.com   Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.ca

The true-life story of how my family and I emigrated to Canada, and how we got on in the first year of our new life. With Pictures!

Troubled Souls:                                  Amazon.com  Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.ca

Three stories from the male perspective, with three men in different, but desperate circumstances. Also the opening of my upcoming Zombie novel.

Science Fiction Shorts:                  Amazon.com  Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.ca

Four stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Coffee Time Tales:                            Amazon.com  Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.ca

Five short stories, originally written for women’s coffee-break fiction magazines. These are not grim and gritty stories of the real world, nor are they faerie, werewolf or sparkly vampire-filled stories of a underworld, netherworld, netherparts or underwear. They are gentle, uplifting and feature female protagonists and romantic storylines.

Like all writers, a sale of a book is the best birthday present I could get. And if you’ve already bought one of my books, why not consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads? Honesty is encouraged, because when you review it’s YOUR reputation on the line as much as mine – you want your friends to trust your judgement, don’t you?

To all other August birthday folks (like fellow author but sadly dead person Mary Shelley) have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!