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Humble Pi

Pi Theatre's homepage. Go check them out, theatrelovers!

There are days when you make silly mistakes, aren’t there? We’ve all done it, I’m sure. Well, the other day, I made a classic mistake. You’ll know from reading my letter to the Inland Revenue that I’m prone to sarcasm and verbal attacks when irritated, and when I was at a fairly low ebb (gloomy about the struggle to complete the latest play, if you must know…) I received an email from Pi Theatre.

Now this was not spam mail. I signed up for their newsletter a long time ago. They were asking for money, it’s true, but they were asking for donations to help fund a workshop to develop a play by a local emerging playwright. It’s one of the things they do there. However:

I didn’t read the email properly. I glanced at it and took in that a theatre company was asking me –  a cash-strapped, under-performed playwright –  to cough up cash so a bunch of actors could fanny about making up another incomprehensible mish-mash of a play that pleased no one but themselves when certain playwrights have a whole bunch of plays in their back-catalogue that are just WONDERFUL.

See, hardly a balanced, sane response, was it? I’m utterly, utterly ashamed. If I had only gnashed my teeth in frustration and shouted at the computer, that would have been bad enough. But no. I wrote a sarcastic, cruel and rude rejoinder.

And sent it.

Pi Theatre have a brilliant general manager called Becky Low. She would have been within her rights to cut me off from their lists, respond with a rude email of her own, badmouth me around the theatre community and make small dolls in my image to stick with pins. She didn’t.

Instead Becky wrote a careful, calm and grown-up response that had me red-faced and cringing. She was exactly as courteous and professional as I hadn’t been.

I wrote back with a much more considered apology, and thanked her for her time. She was kind enough to wish me all the best with my current projects and encourage me to stay in touch.

So, if you’re considering taking in some theatre in the Vancouver area, may I recommend PI Theatre? They have a good roll of productions, and they work hard to encourage new local playwrights, like Sean Devine . And they’re forgiving and understanding of old, crochety ones.

While we’re on the subject of Theatre, those lovely folks over at MonsterVintage are still interested in your input about using their stock of vintage clothing for costumes in Community Theatre productions. Obviously, being based in the US would be preferable, but they are wondering which plays out there would be best suited to their range of clothes. Take a look at their website and either contact them direct, or leave you suggestions in the comments below. Thanks!

Community Theatre and costumes: Monster Vintage has a message!

Check them out at http://www.monstervintage.com Tell them you came from here!

I’ve been away, blog-wise, for a while now. Despite my absence, people come, they look at the blog and they occasionally leave messages. All those tags are still dragging people in off the internet like little Interdictor Cruisers on a hyperspacelane*

But this week I got a very interesting email from Annie Rose at Monster Vintage (www.monstervintage.com), an online clothing store. She had realised that her store is the perfect place for Community Theatre groups trying to source vintage clothes for certain plays. Her problem was that she didn’t know which plays, or how to reach out to the people in Community Theatre who might be able to take advantage of this idea.

I guess she found me because I drop “Community Theatre” in almost every post and tag cloud, since I would also love to be on talking terms with Community Theatre groups around the world.

So here’s the deal, folks: Whether you’re here to try and find the script for my remarkably popular play “A Time for Farewells“, or just looking for scripts, or writing tips, or you got here by accident, look up the details of your local Community Theatre group. Add those details to the comments section below. If you can, get in touch with them and ask them to come and look at this post too, and maybe leave their own comments. Because the lovely Annie has dangled the prospect of a giveaway on this very blog, but we really need to show her the market is out there. I think there’s a chance that between us we can turn this blog into a useful theatre hub – somewhere that playwrights (like me, like TLC Creative and many others) can find theatre groups who might want new scripts, or bespoke scripts, or might be willing to read new plays that need the corners knocked off.

I read too many playwright blogs that simply track the misery of trying to complete the magnum opus, or gloat about the latest fantastic review in the village paper of the self-written, self-directed, self-funded play. I know there are others out there like me, and I know there are thousands of brilliant, devoted and dedicated Community Theatre groups who would love the opportunity to improve their script base and take advantage of another source of good costumes.

Plus, I have to say, the clothes at Monster Vintage are COOL. (And you know what? No one is paying me anything to say this. I genuinely think we can all help each other here. Isn’t that what Social Media is for?)

*This is a Star Wars reference, and proves that I mostly write this blog to amuse myself.