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Why writing is like Lego


The basic components are the same for everyone, simple and easy to put together.

Some people set out create entire worlds,

WP_002734or cities or streets,

WP_002792other people just want reproduce a small slice of everyday.


It’s fun, and anyone can do it, but some people treat it as a hobby and others get really intense about it.

Some people work from a detailed plan,


while others make it up as they go along.


Sometimes your project doesn’t come out right, but you find you can use big parts of it in a new project.
Some people will tell you there’s rules or the right way to do things, but there’s nothing to stop you doing it your own way if you want. Of course, your house may fall down, or the wheels might come off your car, or you might make something entirely new and wonderful.


Most of these images come from the awesome builders at the Seattle Brick Con. I apologise to them for not including their details, but praising each one would imply the many, many others whose pictures did NOT get used were somehow inferior. I wish I wrote stories as intricate and detailed as the models produced by these dedicated artists.