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Twas the night before May Fourth…

This was supposed to be a post about me realising it’s been TWENTY FIVE YEARS since I gave up my (almost) career to become a not-quite-professional writer. And I will get to that post, I’m afraid, but in the meantime, it’s the Most Wonderful Day of the Year tomorrow – May the Fourth, Star Wars Day. Despite my new meds, I sat in bed last night trying to transcribe the odd ideas my brain was throwing out. Then, instead of throwing them out as well, I’ve typed them up so you have to suffer them as well.

I don’t write poetry. That takes skill, dedication, and a facility with words at a level that’s much higher than what I got. (joke!) But I’m primarily a panto writer, so doggerel is never far away. Anyway, here it is:

‘Twas the night before May Fourth

And all through the land,

Excitement was building

In each Star Wars fan

As they dressed in their Artoo

And C3PJ’s

They stared at the night sky

With a deep, yearning gaze.

Too excited to sleep,

Just in case it was true

That all REAL fans

get a gift from GROGU!

When all in the household are fast, fast asleep

The N1 appears

From a hyperspace leap!

And though Grogu’s face

Through the windshield is peering

We know it’s Din Djarin 

Who’s doing the steering.

The pair make their stops

At each home, double quick,

The short, green-eared hero

And his rangy sidekick!

Grogu skips down each chimney

In rain, snow, or fog

And you’d better have left out

Blue milk and a frog!

Will he bring YOU a gift?

A lightsaber? Or two?

If he does, or he doesn’t


Twenty five years, and no huge success, eh? It’s a mystery, isn’t it?

After two months…

I finally got to put up the Star Wars Day display at the library.

It was fun to get everything together and write out some information cards for each helmet, trying to find links to specific books, as well as pointing out how Star Wars contributes to drawing new children into reading each year.


I was also proud to receive a card from the Commanding Officer of the local 501st Garrison, the Outer Rim Garrison. He left his card, so I’m hoping to catch up with him in the next week before the display comes down.


What are YOU doing for Star Wars Day?