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Another Juggling Box Update

There’s a lot going on right now. Two of the kids have moved out, there was a fire at work, we’re renovating the basement bedroom….

…Yes, that’s ANOTHER fireplace we’ve removed. I’m also trying to get Derek’s upgrade moved along, but I’ve reached a tricky bit that involves putting together a lot of components at once in a way that absolutely must not go wrong.

On top of which, I’m also trying to keep ahead of the script reading work I do for Lazy Bee Scripts. We’re busy, is the short version.

Nonetheless, it bothered me that I had made this custom-built thing to carry all my juggling kit, and yet when I added the jar I use to carry the fuel that keeps the fire clubs burning, the lid would not shut. The box on the top is the logical place for this jar, but I was not about to rebuild the entire top box just to accommodate a few centimeters in height. So here’s my elegant solution:

Not only does the jar now fit when the lid’s closed, it doesn’t rattle about as you drag the box around on the tiny wheels! I bet all the woodworkers who’ve been liking the original post will be well impressed with this.

Another woodwork/stupid juggling box post

I keep telling people I’m not a woodworker, but weirdly, my posts “The Stupid Juggling box” and “I am not a cabinet maker” keep getting likes from woodworking blogs and sites. Or maybe the same ones keep liking it, I don’t know. Anyway, in that first link, I explained that my brain likes to complicate my life by coming up with unlikely but just possible woodwork projects that I really, really don’t have time for. This week, as we work to reclaim the wall now the fireplace has been removed, and we fail to go on vacation, and we try to finance the purchase of an apartment, and we want to get the taxes done, my brain decided I should build a handle onto the juggling box.

Not just any handle though.

A retractable handle.

Now, I did not do a series of photos as I went along, nor did I make an easily accessible video for my YouTube Channel. I didn’t do those things because I wanted to get this stupid idea out of my head and done as soon as possible, preferably without purchasing any new materials.

So, using only the plans in my head, I built the system illustrated below. Here it is in retracted position:

And here it is raised, ready to pull along.

Could this have been done better? Yes. Is that a comfortable handle to pull? No. Am I going to make further improvements? Almost certainly, but right now my brain is wrung out and I still have a week’s worth of ironing to get done by tomorrow. If I get time during the week, I might show you the book holder I made for the nice lady who’s had hand surgery and can’t hold her books right now.