TLC Creative

TLC Creative is the writing partnership I helped to found, along with Steve Clark and David Lovesy. We write at least one pantomime every year as a joint project, but in between those we write sketches, short plays, monologues, speeches, children’s workshops and many corporate projects along the way. We’ve written Christmas-themed scripts for animatronic displays (in the Centre MK shopping Mall) and a comedy script for a software company’s promotional movie. No project is too big or too small for us to tackle. Steve and David are even available in the UK to run workshops on improv for your company as team-building exercises.

It was with the active assistance of Steve and David that I produced my e-book, “Writing a play for Community Theatre“, Steve editing and suggesting additional material, and David providing his professional typesetting and design experience.

TLC have also recently opened an online shop where we are developing increasing lines of merchandise that dovetail with our various written products.

All the plays, pantomimes and sketches that we have written are published through Lazy Bee Scripts and can be read online before purchasing and receiving through a simple download process. Buying a script has never been so easy or risk free! No more worries about the review copy of the script not living up to the single paragraph write up in the catalogue, you can SEE it’s right for your group before you decide to buy it.

From L-R: Steve, David and Damian, at this year's TLC conference in Canada.

For more information on TLC and our range of products, visit

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